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Reviews and Feedback

Puget Sound Blood Center
"This program offers a compelling and educational look at the bone marrow donation process and the positive impact all donors can have on the lives of those in need. Incorporating creative animation with the real gravity of a human story, this program is sure to leave its viewers both moved and informed."

Marcia Lewis, Caregiver
"The caregiver's role in the video resonated with me. She gave infusions, managed medications and calculated nutrition while giving loving care. Her determination helped TJ through the worst of it. This video is a heart-warming portrayal."

Robert Lewis, M.D., Transplant recipient
"As a physician and former patient, I feel that this film gives an accurate portrayal of the clinical course of a typical stem cell transplant."

Beth Blanchard
"You/your crew did an excellent job of growing the viewer's emotional involvement as we got to know the personalities. The girlfriend was an engaging character - with such dedication and commitment."


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Distribution of this video made possible by the generous support of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the University of Washington Medical Center.


A Brand New Life
A LeapingMedia Production

Michelle Mansfield

Ken Kortge

Animation and Graphics:
Karen Lewis

Greg Davis
Peter Rummel
Michelle Mansfield

Additional Footage:
Barbara Berkley, King Henry V Play
Kathleen Griffin, Soccer Footage
Tim Reed, Family videos

Off-Line Editors:
Michelle Mansfield
Sion Jones

Stem Cell Technical Advice:
Lisa C. Getzendaner
Unrelated Transplant Coordinator, FCCRC

Lance Armstrong Photo Credits:
provided by The Lance Armstrong Foundation
Lance in Discovery Jersey
Publicity Shot--Casey Gibson with permission of
Capital Sports & Entertainment
Other Action Photos--Kreutz Photography

German Super Heroes:
Used with permission from DKMS

Mike Sebring www.wanderinginfiniti.com
I Hear it When I’m Alone, Blues Trans, Moving

Sion Jones
Song III, Song XII, Song V, Song IV, Song VI,

Michelle Mansfield
Ambient Funk, Contemplative Synth Piano,
Eugene Groove Loop, Space Funk

Sebring, McReynolds, Compton
Alarm, Lasalm, The Cure

Courtesy of Loveless Records:
Orbitor Sparks on a String, Happiness CD
Los Halos For Ramona, Morning Sun CD

Craig Degginger
Media Relations Coordinator,
UW Medical Center

Dean Forbes
Media Relations,
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Steve McLean
Media Relations,
Puget Sound Blood Center

Julianne Collier
Community Outreach Manager,
Health Sciences/UW Medicine

Malte Wittwer
DKMS German Donor Organization

Enrique Cerna
Director of Production
KCTS/Seattle The Public Network

Special Thanks:
DVD duplication and promotion made possible by
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
A unique collaboration of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine, and Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.
University of Washington Medical Center
Breakthrough medicine. Everyday.

Thank you!
To everyone who assisted in the making of this documentary and to the Reed Family for sharing their story