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Rana: The Frog Revue - In Production

Frogs are extra sensitive to changes in their environment and are among the first species to signal environmental problems that ultimately could affect humans. The topic is serious, but this is a light-hearted and entertaining program, balancing alarming information about the decline of frogs with inspiring and empowering examples of corrective action.

The Frog Project is being produced in a segment format, with topics ranging from whimsical examinations of frogs’ place in culture to firsthand accounts from scientists working to protect and save amphibians. Using humor and entertainment, The Frog Project will raise public awareness of environmental issues such as biodiversity and non-point pollution.

Segments in Production:

Oregon Spotted Frog Segment

The Oregon spotted frog, found only in the Pacific Northwest, is a little frog with big problems. Its population has declined sharply over the past two decades. Leading amphibian expert, Kelly McAllister, shows us the last space where the endangered Oregon spotted frogs reside. McAllister explains the fragility and the value of the habitat and why people should pay attention to amphibians. “... a lot of these species were neglected for decades and decades while all the glamour species; the games species, commercially important species... were receiving lots of attention…”
Pictures from Oregon Spotted Frog shoot

Pritchard Beach Restoration Segment

An inspiring story about the restoration work at Prichard Park where a neighborhood came together and restored a wetland area. The frogs returned, indicating the success of their project. Now the frogs sing so loud that they can be heard up to a mile away in this very urban environment.
Pictures from I-90 corridor Lake


This project has received a starting grant from the Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund. We are currently seeking grants and other sources of funding