Salmon in the City

The fifteen temporary public artworks created for Salmon in the City fostered awareness of the recent listing of Chinook Salmon as threatened under the Endangered Species Act of the United States. The Salmon in the City artworks debuted on April 22, 2001. The artist-initiated public art projects, from sculpture to poetry to animation, were located in communities around the NW and address the wide implications of the salmon recovery issue. A series of short segments highlighting each artist and a half hour documentary were created to showcase the work.

Shown at the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film festival.
Aired on KCTS-Seattle, The Public Network, and the Seattle Channel
Watch all the shorts on KCTS website

Watch Salmon Drying Rack Clip - 2MB clip

Emmy 2002 Cultural Fine Arts Special
Aurora Award 2003 Arts/Culture Issues/Report/Documentary
NY Video Award 2002 Gold
Aegis Award 2002 Gold
Producer: Michelle Mansfield
Editor: Sion Jones
Animation Keystone and Salmon Nutrients: Karen Lewis
Animation Open, Close and Titles: MEDIAWARD
Jane Young, Brian Fogel, Mary Iverson
Open Music and sound design: Justin McReynolds
Segment Music:
Disposable Ensigns “Lo-Dee” “Mulch” “Fungy” “20,000 Leagues”
Redd of Salmon: David Archibald, Jeff Compton, Justin McReynolds, Mike Sebring
“ The Current”,“ La Salmon”
Courtesy of Loveless Records
Man of the Year Hovercraft,Orbiter 3 A.M., The Melody Unit “With the Domestics

Production sponsored by: Seattle Public Utilities
Project Lead: Ron Harris-White
Salmon in The City Arts Project Coordinator: Helen Lessick
Seattle Arts Commission, Program Director, Public and Community Art Program, Barbara Goldstein