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The University of Washington School of Medicine undertook a comprehensive
curriculum review in 1998 and, based on the results of that review, a curricular
reform. A system of small colleges instituted as a key curricular innovation
represents a return to fundamental clinical skills, including professionalism.
At the core of the student's learning experience is a renewed focus on mentoring
and bedside teaching. Under this new structure, each medical student is assigned
a faculty mentor within a college for the tenure of his or her medical school career.
Mentors continuously teach and reflect with students on clinical skills development
and professionalism. During the second year students work intensively with their
mentors at the bedside.They also provide a personal, ongoing faculty contact.
A key to the success of thesmall college system rests on investing in a core of
teachers who devote their time and energy to working with students.

2nd year student, Marissa Mataresse interviews a patient and presents for the first time.
Student group: My Lee Shaw, Janet Krober, Melissa Molsee, Steve Farris, John Beck and Mike Hall (2nd presenter)
Mentor :Rick Arnold, M.D. College Mentor, Big Sky College Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Paul G. Ramsey, M.D.
Vice President for Medical Affairs
andDean of the School of Medicine
Erika Goldstein, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, UW School of Medicine Colleges
Associate Professor of Medicine
Sherilyn Smith, M.D.
College Head, Big Sky College
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Terry Mengert, M.D.
College Head, Snake River College
Professor of Medicine
Adam Bergeson
3rd year Medical Student
Denali College
Hugh Foy, M.D.
College Head, Wind River College
Associate Professor of Surgery
Eric Rich
4th year Medical Student
Big Sky College
Barbara Jones
3rd year Medical Student
Wind River College
Josiah Penalver
3rd year Medical Student
Denali College
Barbara with patient
Professionalism working group
College Heads working group

Executive Producers:
Marjorie D. Wenrich, M.P.H. and Julie Calcavecchia
Produced by: Michelle Mansfield
Videographer: Peter Rummel
Graphics: Geoff Harrison
Music: Mike Sebring, Michelle Mansfield
Editor: Ken Kortge