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For years teachers have worked to integrate technology into classroom learning activities. To help meet this need, Microsoft® has partnered with the Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, to offer its Peer Coaching Program to schools that are working to use technology to enhance standards-based instruction.

School-based peer coaching meets teachers’ needs by providing the convenient, accessible support that teachers require. With timely assistance available just down the hall, schools can foster the integration of technology in every classroom.

A program to empower teachers to coach and provide assitance to colleagues who are working toward integrating technology into their classroom curriculum to enrich and enhance learning.

Puget Sound Center Teaching + Technology

This video is shown at training events to give new coaches a look at the responsibilities and experience of coaching.

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Produced by: Michelle Mansfield
Videographer: Peter Rummel
Graphics: Karen Lewis
Music: Mike Sebring
Editor: Ken Kortge