Groundwater Educational Flash Animation

2006 Best of Web Award: Center for Digital Government
and Aegis Award 2006

Created through Seattle Public Schools - TV by:
Michelle Mansfield, Geoff Harrison, Karen Lewis, Michael Bell

Music Composed and Arranged By:
Mike Sebring

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King County Groundwater Education page

This project is funded
(in part) by a King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Splash grant,

With additional support from
Seattle Public Schools,
Water Tenders, and The City of Renton.

Produced and Written by:
Geoff Harrison, Karen Lewis and Michelle Mansfield

Karen Lewis

Michael Bell

Music Composed and Arranged By:
Mike Sebring

Patrick Colacurico and John Neuharth

Sound Design:
Michelle Mansfield

Thank you:
Sarah Ogier
Greg Hughes

For More information contact:
King County
Water and Land Resources Division

Leapingmedia © 2006

*Yes it is ok to copy the flash file and .mp4 and use these videos for educational purposes

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